Guidelines for contributors

1. Content should be your or rather the content has to be created by you. If the content has already been published in some other website or magazine ensure that you hold the copyright .

2. Content should be grammatically correct , authentic and should not biased .

3. As encourage you to promote yourself and your business or services, excessive self or brand promotion or providing external links in the article are not allowed.

4. You cannot submit content related to pornographic, defamatory, inflammatory, obscene, abusive, contain hate speech, encourage illegal or discriminatory content or infringe the rights of any third party.

5. You must mention the sources that were used in your content creation. For example if you are quoting a line from an interview of PM , manmohan Singh by The Indian express , the source has to be clearly mentioned or if you are referring to any key statistics from a government site mention the site as the source. But this doesn?t mean that you copy content as is from any such site mention the source and publish. This amounts to plagiarism and TheIndiaPost reserves the right to remove such content from the site.

6. You will responsible for content , so please check before posting it, we have rights to delete your post without your permission.

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