Major setback was suffered today by Mr.Abhey Singh Chautala

A major setback was suffered today by Mr.Abhey Singh Chautala in his bid for Presidentship of the Indian Olympic Association (10A) whose elections are to be held in the near future. Today, the Delhi High Court upheld the right to vote claim of Sh.P.V.Rathee in respect of the Gymnastics Federation of India headed by him. Earlier, the Indian Olympic Association had accepted the claim of Sh.J.S.Kandhari in this respect even though his election as President of the GFI had beenrejected by the Govt. of India on grounds of fraud and violation of the National Sports Code.

In an another development the Delhi High Court upheld the right to vote in the 10A elections in respect of the Haryana Olympic Association (HOA) headed by Sh.P.V.Rathee. It may be recalled that Sh.V.K.Malhotra, acting President of the 10A at the behest of Sh.Abhey Singh Chautala had got included the names of Mr.Sher Singh Badshami and others to vote in the 10A elections on behalf of the HOA. This action of Mr.V.K.Malhotra was in violation and total disregard of the 10A’s

Executive Committee decision to abide by Court directions in this respect. It may be recalled that both Mr.Jaspal Singh Kandhari and Mr.Sher Singh Badshami had openly come out in support of Mr.Abhey Singh Chautala in his bid to wrest the Presidentship of the 10A. This development following the Delhi High Courts mandate has effectively caused a loss of five votes. to Mr.Chautala thereby strengthening the hands of Mr.Randhir Singh, the other Presidential candidate.

The undersigned appeals to the 10A electorate to rise to the occasion and vote only for people whose credentials are untainted. Already the 10A has suffered a considerable loss of credibility due to involvement of Messrs Suresh Kalmadi, Abhey Chautala, Lalit Bhanot, V.K.Verma etc. in corruption. It is indeed sad to see the conduct of Sh.V.K.Malhotra, the Acting President, of 10A in the whole affair whose commitment to law of the land as well as the country seem to be questionable. Defying the verdict of the 10A Executive Committee, he has acted in a manner which is not only unbecoming but is also illegal. Strangely, in total disregard for the country’s sovereignty he has chosen to accept the diktat of a foreign agency/body which has questioned the efficacy of the National Sports Code which both the Govt. of India and the Courts have upheld. The 10A electorate must undertake a soul searching exercise and be cautious of abovenamed persons before they exercise their right of franchise.

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