IETE Invites Nominations for Annual Awards

The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) recognises, through its annual/biennial awards, outstanding achievements amongst its members and other professionals in the broad areas of electronics, telecommunications, computers, information technology and related disciplines. Nominations are invited every year for these awards in the prescribed enclosed proforma for consideration by the IETE. Following award are to be given for which nomination are being invited.

IETE – Ram Lal Wadhwa Award (2013)
IETE – Hari Ramji Toshniwal Award (2013)
IETE – Bimal Bose Award (2013)
IETE – Lal C Verman Award (2013)
IETE – IRSI (83) Awards (2013)

(a)  MAIN IETE – IRSI (83)

(b)  IETE – IRSI (83) Young Scientist Award.

IETE – Flt Lt Tanmaya Singh Dandass Memorial Award (2013)
IETE – Prof K Sreenivasan Memorial Award (2013)
IETE – Prof SVC Aiya Memorial Award (2013)
IETE – Prof S N Mitra Memorial Award (2013)
IETE-Bapuseetharam Award (Biennial) (2013)
IETE – B V Baliga Memorial Award (2013)
IETE – N V Gadadhar Memorial Award (2013)
IETE – B R Batra Memorial Award (2013)
IETE – R S Khandpur Award (2013)
IETE – Brig M L Anand Award (2013)
IETE – Biman Behari Sen Memorial Award (2013)
IETE-Life Time Achievements Award (2013)
IETE- Smt Manorama Rathore Memorial Award (2013)
IETE- Smt Ranjana Pal Memorial Award (2013)


The awards are generally open to Indian nationals for their work done in India.
The nominators and nominees need not be members of IETE, that means all the Awards are open to everyone except IETE – B R Batra Memorial Award (Sl.No.2.13 of the brochure).
There is no age limit for these awards, except in case of IETE – IRSI (83) Young scientist award for which the age limit is 35 years Preference will be given to nominees below 35 years of age.
The contributions and achievements of the nominee should have the potential of significant impact on the future developments in India in the respective fields recognized for the award.
The contributions and achievements of the nominee should be properly documented and verifiable.
The nominee should have demonstrated potential for creative output and should not have received an award for that work earlier. Also, nominee should not have received any of the IETE awards during the last 3 years.
No self-nomination will be considered.
Sitting Governing Council Members are not eligible for any IETE Awards.
One nominator should not nominate more than one nominee for the same IETE award. However, one nominator can nominate more than one nominee for different IETE awards.
One nominee shall not be given more than one IETE award in a year.


Nominations can to be made by: Heads of institutions/Organisations/Departments, IETE Honorary/Distinguished Fellows/Past Presidents/Governing Council Members/ Fellows for 10 years or more and Organisational Members. Members of “External Jury of Experts” and the “Board of Recognition of Excellence” cannot nominate individuals for IETE awards including IRSI awards. Also, a nominator should not be a member/expert of any Selection or Evaluation Committee for that Award.
“Call for Nominations” for the Awards is published every year in the Nov-Dec and Jan-Feb issues of IETE Journal of Research and IETE Technical Review and is also made available on IETE website, (home page – latest information).
Nominations should be made only in the prescribed Nomination Form available on IETE website: http//, freely downloadable and all the statements must be concise and confined to the allotted space only.
A proposed „Citation‟ (limited to 30 words only) should be included in the Nomination Form at the appropriate place. Absence of this Citation may disqualify the nomination.


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