The Universality of Rig Veda and through Plato Vedic metaphysics entered in the Holy Bible

Human Soul (Atma) contains all a-priori knowledge of Vedas. When Soul was provided to human beings Vedas were revealed (Atharva  Veda). Hence Vedas are Shruti. Later even sacred Adi Grantha confirmed “Omkar Ved nirnmayi” i.e. Vedas were revealed by God.

Most of the followers of Vedic Sanatan Dharma are aware that Rig Veda was accorded a high status amongst various scriptures of the world and accepted by UNESCO as part of the world Heritage. Also a meeting of the US Senate (though under controversy by some fanatic elements) commenced with a recitation of Vedic hymns. Now many Christians in the world are puzzled about the Vedic Wisdom of Rsis (metaphysicists) and Munnies (wandering sages)of yore.

Rig Veda is a part of world heritage as it is the only scripture which refers to all possible divine (eternal), spiritual (withdrawable) and material (perishable) subjects on this earth/the entire universe. It refers to ideal mosaic society of four divine Varnas and fifth non divine avarnas/vritras. An education system extending up to 44/48 years of age to decide “chatvar varna ashram” of four divine “Varnas” Shudra, Vaish, Kshatriyas and Brahmins with allotted duties based on merit, ability and aptitude and not on Birth. The non- divine Avanas/Vritras are those having ambivalent personality, hypocrites, and followers of blind pursuit of matter, magicians, marplots, bribe takers i.e. thieves of God etc who are eye sore of any society

Rig Veda as Shruti, refers to a large number of cosmic Laws of necessity (Rta), having created even the God follows these laws sternly. Nine kinds of Corruption entering human body through ninety nine (99) sources is a major subject of Rig Veda. Since our two main didactic epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are Vedas retold, 9 kinds of corruption was depicted through nine corrupt heads of Ravana and 99 sources through 99 corrupt sons of Kaurva’s blind king Dhritrashtra.

The other major subjects covered comprehensively are social, physical and military sciences and scientific temper which is even higher than material sciences. The difference between soul (atma) manifested soul (jivatma) and spirit (jiva) and their respective roles in tri-ani-pada (human three bodies as one) is clearly explained in Rig Veda. The Supreme Father is the ineffable and formless Brahman and Supreme Mother is divine Nature Prakrti. The bright dazzling golden disc with its lid as cosmic delusion (not illusion) in this vast sea of matter i.e. Vedic Phantasmagoria (MAYA) is also a very major subject of Rig Veda. Other important subjects are Universal Brotherhood, One Global Family of our Supreme Father and Supreme Mother, harmony of spirit and matter in Artha (meta-economics), para and apar Jnan (higher and lower knowledge) and many others.

Lately Sanatan Dharma is getting deviated from Vedic teachings and guidelines and getting diluted owing to universal radicalism of our Gurus, Swamis, guru Ammas, Babas etc who go abroad to get donations/charities from NRIs and even foreigners but never declare they are Hindus. Our children are getting confused on Hindu Dharma as many parents are not able to explain what Hindu Dharma is?

On my retirement as an ordinary common follower of Vedic Hindu Dharma, I made an earnest effort to study four Vedas and based on my limited knowledge and capacity wrote a book on Vedic Metaphysics for the seekers of Vedic knowledge put it on the Internet for on line reading and even taking print at no cost.

Kindly feel free to let me know if I have deviated from the original Vedic metaphysics in my above mentioned book, so that I can study that part of Vedas again and rectify/modify that portion of the book. My sole aim is to present Vedic metaphysics for the seekers of Vedic knowledge truthfully within my limited knowledge and capacity.

I shall be anxiously awaiting your response.

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