Uttarakhand government strictly implement no work no pay

Dehradun : Uttarakhand govt has decided to strictly implement “no work no pay” regulation to discourage government employees from resorting to frequent strikes in support of their demands.

The decision to enforce the regulation was taken by the state cabinet at its meeting chaired by Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna in Dehradun on Thursday.

Government employees’ pay for the strike period will be deducted from their salaries under the regulation which has been in existence for a long time but has never been strictly enforced in the state, Chief Secretary Alok Kumar Jain said.

The cabinet gave the go-ahead to strictly implement the regulation with a view to checking frequent strikes by employees which often paralyse work in different government offices.

Uttarakhand has witnessed prolonged strikes over the past few months on the issue of reservation in promotion badly affecting work in government offices across the state.

About 30,000 ministerial employees in Uttarakhand have been on a strike for the last nine days in support of a host of their demands including pay revision.

Their determination to go ahead with their agitation in a phased manner may be one of the factors that prompted the government’s decision to strictly impose “no work no pay” as a deterrent, official sources said.

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