Missing persons from Kedarnath

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 Anandita Sharma age 10 years
Anandita Sharma age 10 years

My daughter and mother in law were lost from us from Hotel Shiv Kuti near Kedar nath Shrine on 17/6/2013 at 8.00 am when flood waters came. I was staying on the ground floor of a hotel named SHIV KUTI. I quickly jumped to the first floor of the hotel along with the other four family members. I saw the slush monster levelling all hotels aPushpa Devind restaurants and inching towards us. We were waiting and waiting when I felt the slowing down of the slush with accumulation of excessive Malba. This relief was short lived as the slush with huge boulders hit my hotel and it shook. I thought it would break and hurriedly ordered all the members of my family to rush towards the upper (second)storey of the hotel but before we could cover that short distance a demonous wave of mud gripped all of us and shook us thoroughly. Fortunately three of us could hold something but the other two disappeared without a noise. With mud covered bodies and clothes we could not believe when we found our two lovely beings missing.

Please find enclosed the pictures of

1. Anandita Sharma age 10 years Fair complexion round face. 4’10”

Father’s Name Ashutosh Sharma

Mother’s Name Dimple Sharma

Address – H No 3179, Sector 38 D, Chandigarh

2. Pushpa Devi aged 65 years wife of Gandharv Sen Shourie, mother of Dimple Sharma

Resident of Jagroan. Her details are Height 5’4″, fair complexion and has a 1 cm dark colored spot on her forehead

Information may be conveyed at 01722685522 or 09914202301 or 09872213712

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