Orders reserved in Robert Vadra case

The Allahabad High Court, Lucknow bench today reserved its order as regards Robert Vadra writ Petition filed by social activist Nutan Thakur. The bench consisting of Justice Uma Nath Singh and justice V K Dixit reserved this order after hearing both the parties.

Nutan had filed the Petition as regards the allegations made against Robert Vadra and DLF and  prayed that the Prime Minister’s Office shall be directed to get the matter enquired. She had said that despite specific denials by the DLF company and Robert Vadra, some of the basic questions remain completely unanswered, including the fact that how could a company grow to Rs. 500 crore worth with a initial investment of mere Rs. 5 lakh.

The Prime Minister’s office in its Affidvit did not seem willing to enquire into the allegations against him.  In the Affidavit filed by Dheeraj Gupta, Joint Secretary in the Prime Minister’s office, it said that it is a personal matter between two individuals and is a pure business transaction. It has also been said that alleged people have already explained their positions and hence the allegations made seem to be “false, vexatious and based on hearsay.”

In Cheeraj Gupta’s Affidavit, Nutan has been alleged to have filed the petition solely on the basis of newspaper reports without her application of mind and for political and publicity purpose.

In her reply to this affidavit, Nutan said that the entire does not mention about the steps taken in the aftermath of the PMO receiving her representation for enquiring in this matter.

Asok Pande represented the petitioner while Mohan Parasharan, Additional Solicitor General represented the Government of India.

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