questioning the integrity of someone like Dr Singh was a tragic irony of the Indian political system: Capt Amarinder


CHANDIGARH, March 12: Asserting that the integrity of Dr Manmohan Singh was highly above board, Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh today expressed his complete solidarity with the former Prime Minister.

In a statement issued here today, Capt Amarinder maintained that questioning the integrity of someone like Dr Singh was a tragic irony of the Indian political system. “It is sad and unfortunate that a person of Dr Singh’s character and credentials is being held in the dock”, he observed while adding, “nobody in the world treats its honest leaders like that”.

The former Chief Minister warned, this move will paralyse the entire decision making process at the national and state level. “Bureaucrats have already given up venturing into decision making lest they be haunted after years of their superannuation and now the Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers will follow the suit”, he warned while remarking, nobody will like his peace to be sabotaged over flimsily procedural things.

The senior Congress leader said, the political parties across the spectrum must come out against this move which has the potential of undermining the entire democratic decision making process.

“Hang those who have committed any wrong, but don’t paint everybody with the same brush”, he said.

Capt Amarinder asked the ruling BJP to clear its stand on the issue. “Either you have the guts to say that Dr Singh indulged in any corrupt practices or gather some moral courage and say, yes he is honest and his integrity is above board”, he told the BJP, while asking the party not to view everything with coloured and partisan vision lest it sets a very dangerous precedent the country can ill afford.

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