DCC gears up for MC polls

LUDHIANA, March 22: The District Congress Committee Ludhiana Urban today held a meeting under the chairmanship of its president Pawan Dewan. The meeting was attended among others by all the district officer bearers.

Addressing the meeting Mr Dewan called upon the district office bearers to gear up for the forthcoming municipal corporation elections in the state. He asked them to prepare the agenda for the elections.

The DCC also criticised the newly formed Akali-BJP government for increasing the land registration fee by 25 per cent and already having started the power cuts. He said, the state government was planning to increase the power tariff also.

Dewan said, the government promises had started falling apart before it started the functioning. Others who attended the meeting included PPCC secretary Akshay Bhanot, Vice president Sita Ram Shankar, Harbans Singh Panesar, Harjinder Singh Rehmi, Raju Kanojia, Vivek Mago, General Secretary Munish Tandon, Navnish Malhotra, Umesh Sharma, Rinku Malhotra, Rohit Pahwa, Ramesh Honda, Shammi Malhotra, Sadhu Ram Singhi etc.

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