10th National Theatre Festival Amritsar Dedicated to Saadat Hasan Manto

Amritsar  : Cities are not only Unlived with lofty and high buildings but also with its inhabitants. Human life has badly become the victim of roaring business markets overwhelming with glistening power of money. It is commonly apprehended that we have bought some thing from the market but they do not understand that they themselves are caused to be sold. There are some suffering related with every age which the masses of it has to suffer. The pity of this age is to go ahead in the race of cut throat competition with others. Most of the middle class people are becoming the victim of this frantic race of competition who have come to such a pass in the society after suffering many hardships and vicissitudes in their life.

The want to turn their remaining dreams into reality through their wards for which they put their wards in this speedy race of competition of this ultra-modern age. It is their earnest desire that their wards get significant achievement in this super seed race. For this purpose they are always ready to extend their active moral support and monetary co-operation so that their wards may achieve the peak of glory in every walk of life. Reverse is the case over here, they lay down the targets to achieve instead of ideology of life before their wards. They strongly desire that their wards may burn mid night oil to make headway towards the achievement of their targets instead of beating abount the bush. Just like the horse with blinkers run straight towards its aim but not hither and thither.

Keeping in view, the obedient wards follow the designed footprints chalked out by their parents, they get merit positions, take admission in excellent courses, join prominent and well to do companies. Moreover they make strenuous and determined efforts to achieve the highest rank positions. The sad and gloomy aspect of this superb and glorious rank position is only highlighted when their wards of high rank holders covered a long way frantically and their parents remain lag behind in this ultra modern race of this age.

On Stage:- Gurtej Maan, Pawandeep, Sukhwinder Virk, Manjinder Singh, Amanpreet Bal, Pawandeep Bathinda, Vishu Sharma, Navi, Ezal Singh, Stalinjit, Jasdeep.

Lyrics – Shabdish
Music – Harinder Sohal
Conceived, Designed & Directed by : Kewal Dhaliwal


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