A toyota Innova is big enough to carry all Congress MLA around Delhi : Grewal

Ludhiana , 27 : National Secretary BJP Kisan Morcha and Prabhari Himachal Pradesh Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal said that Congress Party as only eight of its candidates were elected in the recent Delhi Assembly elections. In a press statement here today, He said that only a Toyota Innova was big enough to carry all the Congress MLA’s around Delhi. He said that it’s a culture in the Congress Party’s Leadership that they every time speakes that our Party, the Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP ) is a thief, poisonous and the merchant of death’s Party, but our party Leadership and workers don’t get angry.

He said that our Party Leadership, workers and people of India only get angry when they realise our borders are shrinking, Pak soldiers behead our military jawans, our neighbor China makes incursions, and US Government does not give Headley to our country. He said it’s now clear to everybody that no power on earth can stop BJP from getting majority in coming Lok Sabha elections. Grewal said that people of the country have given a clarion call for change.

It has come out that people of the country have made up their mind that there is a need for big change,now Congress Party is saying that how can a tea vendor, Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister. Everybody in the world knows that USA President Barack Obama has sold ice cream in his country and Former President of India Abdul Kalam sold newspapers, American Former President Abraham Lincoln cut woods in his country, if  they can reach position, so it’s clear that Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janta Party ( BJP ) also achieve the goal with the “Ashirwad” of the people of India in coming Lok Sabha 2014 elections.


  1. ABC has spoken !

    Arrogant Brahmin of Congress ( ABC ) says,

    ” You cannot be a PM
    Tea Vendor of India !

    You are destined to die a tea vendor
    And breed some more tea vendors
    Live in slums,
    Who are a mere tea vendor
    Vegetable vendor
    Newspaper vendor
    Delivery boy
    Roadside cobbler
    Sweeper of the street
    Maid servant to my wife
    Ayah of my children ,

    You cannot be a PM !

    You must continue to live
    In abject poverty
    And learn to survive
    On Rs 27 per day ( what we have fixed fairly ! )
    Drink 2 cups of tea
    And eat 2 slices of bread,
    Till you die of starvation
    Or choose to commit suicide
    ( Choice is yours ! )

    But you cannot be a PM !

    You may continue to die of dengue
    Or of malaria or TB
    Or a disease of your choice
    Who are a mere
    Backward Class
    Scheduled caste
    Manual Scavenger
    Harijan , Bhangi
    Searcher of food in piles of garbage :

    Go jump into gutters
    Or in polluted rivers
    Stop dreaming of clean air
    Or a glass of clean water
    Inhale the acrid smell of chemicals
    Till your lungs corrode !
    Don’t sleep if you cannot
    On our freezing footpaths,

    But do not dream
    Of becoming a PM !

    You stupid fool ,
    Learn well your
    Gita , Bible , Koran
    And when we slap you
    with an insult ( ” You cannot be a PM ” )
    Turn your other cheek !

    And silently wait
    For rest of this Century
    ( a mere 86 years ! )
    As you have waited
    For the past 66 years

    Till then
    Keep toiling
    In the dark dungeons called Dharavi
    ( we have one in every city )
    Or under the scorching sun
    Of our parched fields

    And if you won’t vote for us
    Who cares ?
    Who are a mere 400 million ,
    Who cares for you !

    How dare you dream
    To be our PM ?
    A post that
    The sycophants
    Have reserved for our exalted leader
    For eternity to come !

    Didn’t you hear our leader say ,
    Congress is idea
    Not an institution,
    And poverty is a state of mind ?

    So , stop imagining the unimaginable
    You cannot be our PM – ever ”

    The ABC has spoken
    At the AICC session ,
    Now it is your turn to speak
    Vendors of India !

    * hemen parekh ( 18 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )


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