Bhim Singh holds meeting with Anna Hazare

Mumbai : Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party had 90 minutes long discussion with the India’s high profile social activist and leader of anti-corruption movement last evening in the village, Ralegun Siddhi, 120 kms. east of Pune. After one-to-one meeting was held in the sense of any media or political activist. Sources close to NPP Chief and Anna Hazare have given the impression that the NPP Chief has invited Shri Anna Hazare to join Rashtriya Chetna Abhiyan to implement National Programme of Action to eliminate corruption, criminalization among politicians, communalism, drug menace in order to cleanse the society of political and social evils so that India can lead the world towards peace and mutual co-existence.

It has been learnt that Anna Hazare was highly impressed by the commitment, sincerity, approach and sacrifice of the NPP Chief during the past 54 years of his struggle for justice and equity.

Prof. Bhim Singh has conveyed to Anna Hazare that he is going to organize Bharat Parikrama to mobilize the youth of this country against corruption, criminalization, communalism, drug menace and electoral system from the platform Rashtriya Chetna Abhiyan.

Prof. Bhim Singh impressed upon Anna Hazare that political corruption can only be eliminated if there is drastic electoral reform and Parliament is empower to legislate in respect of all territories of India including J&K.

Mr. Anna Hazare has invited Prof. Bhim Singh to prepare a working paper in connection with Rashtriya Chetna Abhiyan.

Bhim Singh meets ‘Young Turk’

Prof. Bhim Singh met the only surviving Young Turk, Shri Mohan Dharia (88) at his residence in Pune who was in excellent health and reacted promptly assuring NPP Chief that he (Mohan Dharia) is fully prepared to strengthen the winds of Ultimate Revolution to save democracy in India which, he finds, in utter danger as ‘there is Congress without Congressmen’.

Mohan Dharia was among three strong young Congress leaders who revolted against Mrs. Indira Gandhi and preferred going to jail during Emergency (1975-77). Among three Turks, Shri Krishan Kant and Chander Shekhar are no more with us. The sole-surviving Young Turk is still confident of Ultimate Revolution as he roars today from his den in Pune sitting on the heaps of the post independence political history of India.

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