Bal Shakti Yojna also implemented effectively

Bhopal : Intensive efforts are underway towards child healthcare in Madhya Pradesh. A three-tier system is in place for newborns in health institutions. Under the system, 1120 newborn corners have been set up. A target has also been set to set up 313 nutrition rehabilitation centres for preventing serious malnutrition. Decline of three points has been registered in infant mortality rates as a result of State Government’s efforts.

876 newborn corners set up

Newborn corners have been set up in the health institutions having maternity facility to ensure newborns’ healthcare. Presently, there are 876 newborn corners. Newborn Stabilisation Units (NBSU) have been set up at district-level Seemak health institutions. It is the result of effective efforts towards child healthcare that infant mortality rate has come down to 59 per thousand in the state, according to a survey by SRS institutions during the current year. This rate was 62 per thousand earlier.

Efforts for child healthcare

Under the anaemia control programme, the Women & Child Development and School Education departments are ensuring efforts to prevent anaemia among adolescent girls. For this, each girl is given 32 pills per week and germicidal pills twice a year. Their health and haemoglobin level are also checked regularly. The department registers pregnant women following which they are vaccinated, subjected to prenatal check-ups and given IFA tablets. At the same time, efforts are also afoot to promote institutional delivery and early breastfeeding for bringing down infant and maternal mortality rate. Referral system of ailing children is also being strengthened through Janani Express. All the ANMs, anganwadi workers and women breastfeeding consultants are being trained through IYCF programme regarding infant feed and nutritious diet.

Hospitals equipped with maternity facility in the state are also being strengthened as child-friendly hospitals. International norms of child-friendly hospitals will be maintained at these hospitals by following ten points of successful breastfeeding.

With the assistance of the Women and Child Development Department, the Health Department conducts a number of activities during “Child Protection Month”. Under the scheme, children between the age of nine months to 5 years are given doses of Vitamin-A and worm killing tablets twice a year with six months’ interval. All the children from one to 5 years of age are also given small tablets or syrup of IFA for 100 days.

Bal Shakti Yojna is being implemented in the state for management of serious malnutrition. Under it, 41 thousand 131 seriously malnourished children have been treated at 277 nutrition rehabilitation centres. In future, nutrition rehabilitation centres will be opened in all 313 development blocks in the state in phases. Nutrition trainer, staff nurse, cook and caretaker will be appointed in each of these nutrition rehabilitation centres in future.

At present, 81 Seemak institutions are in operation in the state where 66 blood banks have been established. Besides, 464 Beemak institutions are also operating. Janani Express vehicles are available in all the 313 development blocks for rushing children to hospital in emergency. Maternity wings have been set up in four district hospitals. Blood banks exist in each district hospital.

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