EJAC Kashmir to launch agitation on Nov 22

Aijaz Khan, President of EJAC-K
Aijaz Khan, President of EJAC-K

Tanveer-ul-Ahad , Srinagar:  Expressing serious concern over government’s anti-employees policy the Employees Joint Action Committee Kashmir (EJAC-K) Monday held a meeting under the chairmanship of Aijaz Ahmad Khan who is also the president of the Committee. The meeting was held at EJAC-K’s central office Lal Mandi, Srinagar.

In a statement issued to Global News Service, the EJAC Kashmir members condemned the state government’s defiant attitude towards the employees and pressed for assembling under the banner of State Government Employees Joint Action Committee Jammu and Kashmir which is scheduled to launch an agitation against government on Nov 22.

“We are going to launch a state wide agitation on Nov22 which will start consequently from Lakhanpur, Jammu and Kralpura, Kupwara to halt the government’s anti-employees policies,” EJAC president, Aijaz Khan said.

Khan said the EJAC Kashmir will never bow before the state administration and will continue its struggle till justice is done to all the employees of the state. “The struggle started by EJAC on 16 Sep 2010 to provide legal justice to 4.5 lakh employees of the state will continue till our genuine demands are not conceded by the government and we will not desist from our word given to these employees,” Aijaz added.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, the leaders of EJAC strongly condemned the Israeli airstrikes over Gaza and prayed for those killed in strikes. “We appeal to the world body and all the justice loving people to condemn the innocent killings in Gaza and register their protest against such atrocities committed by Israel,” the president said.

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