Jammu,22 June:Dr.Virender Mahajan Medical Director Maharishi Charak Ayurvedic Centre for Rheumatic Diseases, Jammu who has developed a very effective herbal arthritis drug some thirty years back stated that the arthritis herbal drug can be a ray of hope for cancer sufferers. He said in ancient Ayurvedic texts Salai Guggul (Boswellia serrata) has been described for number of ailment including tumors. Taking the lead from the texts, the herbal drug S.Compound which was basically for arthritis was prescribed to cancer patients, though it was on experimental basis because the drug was prescribed to decrease the inflammation & size of tumor and pain but it was too my utter surprise the patient who was declared as a terminal case responded to the drug S.Compound well, his quality of life was not even improved but the life span was increased. It has provided an opportunity to work on cancer .

Tubingen University in Germany in a communication dated July 10, 1997 also stated that the drug inhibits proliferation of glioblastoma cells, astrocytoma cells, lymphoma cells and melanoma cells. Normally the drugs suppress an ailment but S.Compound inhibits the growing process of an ailment, basic difference between a chemically processed drug and an herbal drug. More over this drug was given to the cancer sufferers with multiple metastases; its effect was magic one. Dr. Mahesh Chander Sharma, a senior Ayurvedic Medical Officer with J&K Government health Services has also tried S.Compound  on cancer patients with promising results. He has taken up the matter with Government for starting controlled studies on the drug in collaboration with Oncology department because S.Compound is one of the cheapest drugs. J&K Government has also written to Union Health Ministry for further evaluation of the drug in cancer.

Dr, Mahajan further stated that the drug S.Compound which confirms to international standards has been used by millions of sufferers in the last more than two decades with positive results. It has been on the approved list of Central Government Health Scheme for the last more that two decades. The research work also stands published in reputed National & international Medical journals.

One of the leading Rheumatologists of the North India Dr. Hardyal Singh described that it has cured thousands of sufferers of crippling disorder. Dr. Hardyal Singh was Principal Government Medical College Amritsar & was Director Medical Education & Research Punjab Government.


Due to its efficacy and promising results Art of Living headed by H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar Jee has decided to promote the drug S.Compound.


Dr. Mahajan in an appeal to Medical fraternity in particular across the globe and  Government agencies to come forward and explore further possibilities and role of herbal drug S.Compound in cancer in the interest of ailing community. There is a lot of potential in herbs but the need of the hour is to exploration with dedication and sincerity .Dr Mahajan further stated that “I don’t admire for a kingdom. Nor do I desire for heaven, only I wish to see ailing masses free from pain & sufferings”

Dr.Virender Mahajan
Medical Director,Maharishi Charak Ayurvedic Centre for Rheumatic Diseases


  1. I know innumerable number of patiets who benefitted from the use of S. Compound for rheumatoid arthritis, not only within and outside the State of Jammu & Kashmir, but from many countries other than India. It is a fact that there is hardly any effort to investigate/ undertake reserach to find out the efficacy of Ayurvedic/ herbal drugs to bring out the facts scientifically. It is also true that herbal drugs are cost effecftive for general use by public particularly in our country. Dr Mahajan is right to sugggest that some research institutions in the country should take up some scientific trial as per the available documentary evidence to benifit the suffering population. Cancer is taking a good toll of life as well as the makes the quality of life of an individual poorer primarily due to the fact that the treatment of cancer is highly expansive and unaffordable for genertal masses. It will be geat service to the humanity if efficacy is established, cheaper drugs would be available to the cancer patients.


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