World Thinking Day celebrated

Kurukshetra , Feb .22- ‘To wipe the tears of the girl victims of rapes, we need to be empathetic with sense of collective responsibility and collective guilt and not lip service with so called sympathy. For removing, discontent, distress and disparities in India, we need to pave the path of progress, prosperity and peace (5Ps) with proper, productive and practical (3P) use of hands, head and heart- the real education more than literacy.  ’ opined Professor M.M. Goel, President Antarjoti- a national level organization committed to the great cause.

Antarjyoti celebrated ‘day of awakening’ while commemorating World Thinking Day which is an annual event on 22nd February by all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts-the birth day of the founder Robert Baden-Powell and his wife Olave Baden-Powell, the First World Chief Guide. It is also celebrated by Scout and Guide organizations and some boy-oriented associations around the world including India. It is a day when we need to think about our “sisters” (and “brothers”), told Professor Goel

In her first letter about the World Thinking Day Fund (WTDF) Lady Olave Baden Powell asked the Girls and Girl Scouts to donate “just a penny,” in order to support the Movement which is meant to help more girls and young women around the world by spreading the Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting programme , told Dr .Goel who is Professor of Economics & Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra., appealed Antarjyoti President.


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