Drinking water in district Mewat under the Rajiv Gandhi Drinking Water Supply Augmentation Project

Chandigarh, Jan 31- With a view to augment the supply of drinking water in district Mewat under the Rajiv Gandhi Drinking Water Supply Augmentation Project, the work is in progress to raise the drinking water allowance of 258 villages of Ranney well segment from 55 to 70 litres per capita per day.

While stating this here today, an official spokesman said that the work is likely to be completed by June 2013. He said that the scope of the project included two Ranney Wells at Rahimpur village with a capacity of 10 million litres per day.

He said that 110 villages of Mewat district are covered under the Leg-I of Ranney Well Segment with a source of 20 MLD capacity at Maholi village. Drinking water at service level of 55 litres per capita per day for the projected population of year 2019 (3,99,535 persons) is being supplied  to the people of these 110 villages falling under Punhana, Nagina, Hathin, Ferozepur Jhirka and Nuh blocks.  The leg-I of Ranney Well Segment was inaugurated in June 2011.

He said that Leg-II of Ranney Well Segment covering   148 villages of Mewat district  was also made functional in March 2009. Drinking water at service level of 55 LPCD is being supplied to a population of over 5.25 lakh of these villages falling under Hathin, Nuh and Nagina blocks.

Under the tube-well segment, 332 tube wells have been drilled to cater to the drinking water requirement at a rate of 55 lpcd for the projected population for the year 2019 that is over 6.57 lakh of 245 villages falling under Nagina, Ferozepur Jhirka, Punhana, Taoru and Nuh blocks.

Under the stage-II of the project, 14 deep tube-wells would be installed at village Maholi to augment the supply of drinking water. Also, pumping machinery would be upgraded at boosting stations at a cost of Rs 47.90 crore.

He said that till December 2012, a sum of Rs. 298.95 crore has been spent on this project.

The Ranney Well Segment involving an investment of Rs.158.01 crore has gigantic dimension for supply of drinking water to rural area covering 258 villages. Ranney well is a source of extraction of ground water with state of art technology through radial collectors. Under this segment water is being drawn from Yamuna river by installing three Ranney Wells near villages Maholi and Rahimpur in district Palwal. This water is being conveyed through 800 mm / 900 mm diameter PSC (Pre Stressed Concrete) Pipes of 58.7 km length to four  Main Boosting Stations and further being transported to 11 Intermediate Boosting Stations through 107.5 kms of Ductile Iron/ Asbestos Cement  pipes of size varying from 350 mm i/d to 800 mm i/d.  Further, water is being distributed to critical areas serving 258 villages of Mewat district through a network of 357 Subsidiary Boosting Stations and 1200 km length of pipe lines of various sizes.

All the main and Intermediate Boosting Stations have provision of electric power supply through dedicated feeder lines from adjoining power stations. In addition to above, standbye arrangement backup through generating set is ensured. Pipe line Network has been designed for reliable equi-distribution of water to various villages simultaneously. There is a provision of Rs.158.01 crores for this segment under Phase-I (Stage-I) of this project.  Depending upon the location of Ranney Wells, this Ranney Well segment has been divided into two legs Leg-I and Leg-II.

It may be recalled that the National Capital Region Planning Board   has provided 75 per cent cost of project as loan to the Haryana Government and balance 25 per cent of the cost has been borne by the State Government out of its own resources.  On technical considerations, the project has been divided into  two segments  that is  Ranney Well Segment based on Yamuna River and  Tube well Segment based on Ground Water near Aravali Foothills.


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