It is time for a massive SMS campaign to Shinde agsint Rape law

By Rajesh vakharia : Write one or multiple of the below messages and send it to
Home Minister  at 09810113777
Law Minister      at 9811902559
Send one SMS every HOUR .
1. 114A and 53A of Rape law will traps millions of innocent men .Make Gender
Neutral rape law NOW !!
2. Sexual Harrasment Ordinance is totally Anti-Male , please revoke it .
3. I am a male protester , I never asked for Anti-Male Rape Laws.
4. Justice Verma only listed to feminists and changed rape laws in their
5. Why did Justice Verma ignored overwhelming recommendations to make rape
gender neutral.
6. Why are female sex offenders being allowed to rape children , boys and men ?
7. Align Rape ordinance with principles of natural justice and not feminists.
8. Rape ordinance is unconstitutional and dangerous on innocents.
9. 70 to 90% rapes ae false , why no punishment for false rapes.
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