Barinder Saluja, Chandigarh, March 08 : Shear madness, enthusiasm & enchantment marked the Women’s Day celebrations at the Hotel Shivalik View, where mega event was organised by the Kapson Group to honour the Mother of the Society, ie Women. All the women, got together there in a naughty & play full mood & let her selves loose to enjoy to the fullest after taking timeout from their busy daily schedules. Weather she is a mother, homemaker, business women, professional, doctor, journalist, lawyer, student or about to be married, they all collectively let their emotions fly high when beauty’s and handsome boys started walking on the ramp for the fashion show. That was the time when the real inside women of every lady present out there stood up to enjoy, hoot & whistle & proved that, why should boys have all the fun…??? It was the real display of women power.

There was also an interaction round in which six renowned women of Chandigarh were invited on the stage and the audience had asked the questions to clear their doubts about the role of Women in this Male dominated society. The answers of those experts had lots of claps from the audience showing off the women power in one chorus.

The models who catwalked on the stage were, bhumika, aditi tyagi, Smita, Pooja, Neetu, Priyanka, Sakshi and karishma & from male models, Vivek, Pradeep and Rohit. The latest fashion trends from forever new, lee, arrow, sisley, & united colors of benetton were showcased, which were choreographed by Anil Kadian.

The India Post had a chance to record the statements, about women’s day, of some of the Leading Ladies of the City who are very much renowned in their respective fields :-

Aanchal Kumar

Aanchal Kumar, Mega Model : “I am from Chandigarh and blessed with God’s best gift of being a Women. We have come a long way since 1911, when Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time. We can feel the change in the image of women in the society since then. We have become more self dependent & self supportive. We are multi castings, we are homemakers, community originators, saviours and a special gift of God for mankind. We are proud of ourselves.”

Arti Mehta

Arti Mehta, IT Professional : “Its all about empowerment of women. Self dependent, beauty with brains, she has made her mark in every field, be it medicine, hospitality, beauty, health, IT, astrology etc. They can handle n number of tasks at one time say taking good care of her house, children along with her profession. women is great gift of god.”

Neelu Sarin

Neelu Sarin, Socialist : “I have dedicated my life for the Special Children. Being a mother, I felt my responsibility to nurture these angles who are not capable of looking after themselves normally & without the support of other people. I think that is why God has made me, a Women, so that i can go to this harsh world and spread the message of love, peace & ability to help others.”

Dr. Maleeka

Dr. Maleeka Sachdeva, Dermatologist :  “It is a privilege for me to be a Women & I thank God for giving me that ability to serve mankind through this noble profession. I am very happy to serve the Women of our society by relieving them from their ailments, by making them more beautiful & good looking. Today is my best day as i got a chance to represent  the best creation of god & i am proud to be here.”


Reema Dewan, Principal : “I am a teacher and have been in this profession for 26 years. I have been a successful Women, as i have proved as a good daughter, a supportive wife and an able mother along with being a perfect preacher. I am proud to be a Women and would love take a rebirth as a Women. This is the best day of my life & each women must under stand that every day is our day. Presently i am serving as principal of DPS, Chandigarh”

Dr. Mangla

Dr. Mangla Dogra, Gynaecologist : ” Every day is a Women’s Day. We must not celebrate it for just one day, rather each day & every day. As we are the real man makers; we are the one who nurture males in our wombs; we are the only one’s to be worshiped after God. I appeal to all the women, on this particular day, to take a pledge to not to support female feoticide. It is the women who are responsible for this inhuman act. They are the women who force their daughter in laws to get their girl child aborted. So, this very day i would appeal all the women to SAY NO TO FEMALE FEOTICIDE & save the mankind.”


Nirupama Dutt, Journalist: “It is wonderful to celebrate the Women’s day. But, we must remember that women is not the invention of Archie’s , but it comes out of the struggle of labour women all over the world. We must remember that I AM THE WOMEN, GOD’s GIFT TO THE WORLD.”

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