Social activists protest against the gang rape of the school going girl

Chandigarh 21 :  A large number of social activists belonging to different organizations and other conscious individuals assembled today in sector 17 plaza to protest against the gang rape of the school going girl from Khuda Lohara village in the vicinity of Chandigarh. The protest started at 12.30 PM in the afternoon and continued till late evening.

Thousands of bystanders in the market also participated in the protest. It was demanded that the trial of the rape case should be on the fast track, the Chandigarh police should tender public apology from the Chandigarh people as well as the village Panchayat. It was also demanded that the family of the victim should be rehabilitated and all social, economic and psychological needs of the family be met immediately as part of rehabilitation.

Expressing their apprehensions about the handling of the case by the police it was also demanded that an independent investigation should be marked by the administration so that the culprits do not escape the due penalization by the law. It was also proposed that our own activists, especially human rights activists, should also make efforts to gather all the ground level facts and produce the same in the court of law.

The people around are so scared from the police that they are not sure any more whether they should make call at phone number 100 at the time of any emergency. Among the professors spoke Prof. Manjit Singh, Prof Akshaya Kumar and Prof. Kuldeep Puri, and Dr. Janaki all from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Among the journalists spoke S.P. Singh, Hamir Singh, and Daljit Ami. Some of the advocates, such as, Rajiv Godara, Hari Singh Nagra, Arjun Sheoran and Saurabh Khurana also highlighted the legality of the case and demanded the harshest punishment in the present case. There were also students, namely, Loveneet Thakur, Prabhpreet Singh, and Divya who spoke at the gathering. Issued by Prof. Manjit Singh, P.U.

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