RFI life vice-president Kailash Nath dies

Kailash Nath Sharma
Kailash Nath Sharma

CHANDIGARH, DEC 18 :  Former secretary of the Chandigarh Rowing Association Kailash Nath Sharma passed away last night after a brief illness. He was 87.

Generally regarded as the ‘Father of Water Sports’ in Chandigarh, he was the founder of Lake Club, Chandigarh, established way back in the fifties. He played a stellar role in promotion of rowing and sailing in Chandigarh and remained Honorary Secretary of Chandigarh Rowing Association for nearly three decades. His contribution to the National Rowing was recognized by Rowing Federation of India by making him the life Vice President of the Federation.

Mr Kailash Nath Sharma was also associated with the Chandigarh, Lawn Tennis Association, where he was general manager. He was also closely associated with the Chandigarh Olympic Association.

The Chandigarh Rowing Association held a condolence meeting today afternoon to pay homage to the departed soul. CRA secretary Parmod Kumar Singla and other members of the Association felt that void left by Mr Kailash Nath Shamra’s demise will never be filled.

Expressing deep sorrow over the death of  Mr Kailash Nath, former national rower Rajiv Sharma said “I have lost my guru, who was an inspiration to me and others.”

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