Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

PGI Employees Union demand withdraw of administration power of Medical Superintendent

Chandigarh 8th January :   The PGI Employees Union has pleaded for withdrawal of administration work from Medical Superintendent. It has not only been affecting patient care and support services causing delay and the rate of hospital acquired infection has also increased but the non-faculty staff under the administrative control of Medical Superintendent are suffering for the unreasonable delay caused by him due to his callous and indifferent attitude.
The Director, PGI was informed that on 12.09.2012, Dr. S. K. Prabhakar Committee recommended to submit the pay fixation cases of left out re-employed ex-servicemen within 48 hours but Dr. A.K. Gupta, Medical Superintendent has failed to finalise the pay fixation of ex-servicemen even after more than 15 months. Some of them have even retired now and met him a number of times.
On 18.11.2009, the Central Government in pursuance to the recommendations of Fast Track Committee of 6th CPC had recommended higher Grade Pay to Pharmacists w.e.f. 1.1.2006 and consequent benefits but Dr. A.K. Gupta, Medical Superintendent has miserably failed to honour the orders of Central Government leaving the Pharmacists to face financial hardships and mental agony for the last more than 4 years.
On 10.9.2013, it was agreed to grant benefit of various medical facilities to PGI staff under the CCS (MA) Rules, 1944 in presence of Dr. A. K. Gupta, Medical Superintendent. On 22.10.2013, the Director, PGI issued the proceedings of the meeting held on 10.9.2013 for immediate issuance of relevant orders in this regard. However, the Medical Superintendent has been keeping the file under the carpet.
Earlier, the former Director had withdrawn administrative powers of Dr. A. K. Gupta and also withdrew the Establishment work of many categories from him and transferred it to Administrative Block. However, with the change in reins of Institute, the position has been restored leaving the non-faculty staff to suffer at the hands of biased and vindictive Medical Superintendent.
            On 20th December, the Union has requested Prof. Yogesh Chawla, Director, PGI that enough is enough, he should immediately withdraw the establishment work of non-faculty staff from Dr. A.K.Gupta, Medical Superintendent and he may be advised to devote his time to Nehru hospital and other areas in the larger interest of patient care and public services.
            The Union hopes that Dr. Yogesh Chawla, Director, PGI will take immediate steps in this direction to bring desired relief to non-faculty staff.

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