Nek Chand released a book “How India lost & won freedom”

Chandigarh : The book titled “How India lost & won freedom” authored by VP Mehta was released at Rock Garden by Nek Chand. The book gives an incisive account of the freedom struggle. It depicts the process of conquering India by the British was very peculiar and unique in the Indian History. Hitherto all the successful conquerors entered India from the North West through the Khyber Pass and a few battles they subjugated the land. But in the case of the British, the East India Company entered India from the South and the East for the purpose of Trade only.

The establishment of the congress party gave the national movement for independence an all India proportion. To start with the congress leaders demanded home rule as they wanted to avoid confrontation with the government.

Various eminent personalities of the city including Prof. VC Nanda, Mr. Sudarshan Goel, Mrs. Pooja Sharma etc graced the occasion and took the resolve to continue the struggle for freedom to greater heights where the life and liberty of every citizen is protected and only then we will be able to achieve the goal of freedom in true sense.


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