Narinder Modi as candidate of Prime Minister for managing the movement of Vivstha Privatan

Chandigarh : The Members of Patanjali Yog Samiti, Bharat Swabhiman Trust and Mahila Patanjali Yog Samiti( Chandigarh Unit) has hailed the decision of BJP for installing Sh. Narinder Modi as candidate of Prime Minister for managing the movement of Vivstha Privatan in the country in through general election 2014. Sh Vinod Bhardwaj Rajya Parbhari, PYS Chandigarh has said that the country do not  need a leader who dances on others tune but  needs a  leader with great vision and the quality of taking an independent decision. Leader like Sh Modi has all qualities, it is HE who has guided the masses to name the leader like Sh.Modi. Sh. H K Advani, Mrs Shushma, Sh.Raj Nath Singh all have done a lot for country and  the party but it is Sh. Modi’s work ability to make a difference.Sh. Advani  is right in his words but the country is above all. Sh Advani and all our contryman should bless  Sh. Modi.
Sh. R R Passi Mandal Parbhari  PYS Chandigarh has said that  Yog Guru  Param Pujya Swami Ram Dev ji Maharaj has pledged to go to every corner of the country to make aware the people and unfold the deeds of Congress Government  and not to visit the Patanjali Yog Peeth till the goal is achieved. His crores  of followers will welcome him in every city, street and village.  Sh Naveen Mandal Parbhari, PKL and S. Jasbir Singh Mandal Parbahri, Mohali also supported and   said that the congress govt. has  a number of cases of curruption at its credit and now misguiding the common man by incurring wasteful expenditure. Prime Minister will give away the possession of about 8000 one room set to slum develiers in chandigarh. This is nothing but  a cruel joke with these families. The govt. will seal the fate of these families to one room set for their generation to come. But, these families deserve all  share in the indian economy and a better life.

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