Mind your own business; don’t mess up with politics, Capt Amarinder advises Sumedh Saini

CHANDIGARH, October 23: Lashing out at the Director General of Police Sumedh Singh Saini for saying that the Congress distorted facts about the Shruti abduction case, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Capt Amarinder Singh today asked him to respect his uniform and stop behaving like an Akali politician.

Reacting to Saini’s accusation against the Congress during a press conference in Chandigarh on Monday, Capt Amarinder maintained that instead of admitting to the police failure in this particular case, the DGP like a typical Akali was trying to blame the Congress for no reason.

The PCC President asked Saini to clarify whether it was not an abduction that a girl was forcibly dragged out at gunpoint from her home after her helpless parents were mercilessly beaten up by a group of goons led by a shady character with a criminal record.

He pointed out, the way the abductors fired gunshots in air to scare the parents and neighbours with all impunity only proved the fact that the criminals either did not have any fear of law or they were being protected by the law which Saini and his police are supposed to safeguard.

The former Chief Minister advised the DGP that before leveling allegations against the Congress, he should better visit the area from where the girl was abducted and find out himself as how terrorized is the family and other neighbours. “For the first time in the history of Punjab a girl has been abducted at gunpoint under your Director Generalship of the police”, he told Saini, while asking him whether he wanted the Congress to keep quiet and let this incident become a routine.

“Leave politics to politicians and get serious about your job lest Punjab turns into a lawless anarchy”, Capt Amarinder asked Saini saying sooner he learnt his lessons the better for him and Punjab as otherwise his police force will become a law unto itself.

He observed, instead of setting his own house in order, the DGP was irresponsibly trying to put blame on Congress and diverting the real issue about improving the police functioning. The Faridkot abduction had established beyond any doubt that the SHOs and DSPs in Punjab were only reporting to the Akali Jathedars and not to their hierarchy including the DGP.


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