Foreign students cultural meet at Panjab University

Chandigarh, March 6; Today Yuvsatta & Department of Gandhian Studies, Panjab University with support of Regional Institute of English (RIE) organized an interaction of foreign students studying in Panjab University with twenty five English Teachers from Afghanistan, who’re presently undergoing a English language teaching training at (RIE). Around 75 students from Yemen, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Nepal, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Thailand etc. were present on the occasion.

Welcoming the participants Dorji Wangyel of Bhutanese Students Association said that though we all are from different countries, but by virtue of all belonging to Asia, we’re one in spirit of love, friendship & hospitality for which Asia is known for. He also shared about different aspects of life and culture in Bhutan.

Appreciating the efforts of volunteers of Yuvsatta, Mohammed Hakim Haider of Afghanistan shared that such get together should be organized at regular intervals so that students from outside can make bonds and friendship with others.

On the occasion students from Afghanistan, Nepal & Bhutan presented cultural group songs and dances to make the evening a memorable one.

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