Dr. Anmol Rattan Singh Sidhu Group won the election of Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana

The Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana held today its meeting for the election of Chairman & Vice Chairman under the Chairmanship of Sh. H.S Hooda Advocate General Haryana.

For the post of Chairman Three nomination papers were filed by Sh. Amrik Singh Kalra, Sh. Rakesh Gupta and Sh. Minderjeet Yadav And for the post of Vice Chairman Two nominations were filed by Sh. Inder Pal Singh Dhanna and Sh. Harpreet Singh Brar who is Chairman legal cell Akali Dal Badal and also Additional Advocate General Punjab. However Sh. Rakesh Gupta withdrew his name from post of Chairman in favour of Sh. Minderjeet Yadav and  only two candidates remained in the filed for the post of Chairman.

As per the agenda election was held today for the post of  Chairman and Vice Chairman. All the 25 elected Members apart from two ex officio Members Advocate Generals of both the States participated in the election. Sh. Hawa Singh Hooda Advocate General Haryana declared elected Sh. Minderjeet Yadav  as Chairman and Sh. Inderpal Singh Dhanna as Vice Chairman Sh. Minderjit Yadav secured 14 votes Sh. Amrik Singh Kalra secured only 12 votes and one vote was invalid. In the election of Vice Chairman Mr. Dhana got 15 votes and 12 votes were polled in favour of Mr. Brar. Mr.Dhanna was declared elected as Vice Chairman. Thereafter a meeting of the Bar Council took place under the Chairmanship of Sh. Minderjeet Singh Yadav at 4 pm . The Chairman was authorized to constitute and reconstitute the already existing committees and also to constitute any other new committee if the need arises.   Sh. Rakesh Gupta was nominated as Chairman of the Enrolment Committee

Sh. Harpreet Singh Garcha has also been appointed as Hon’y Secretary of the Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana unanimously


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