AAP will organise Chandigarh Volunteer Convention

Chandigarh : AAP Chandigarh is organizing a ‘Chandigarh Volunteer Convention’, on 12th January 2014, 2:30 PM onwards, at the Rally Ground, Sector 25, Chandigarh. The Convention’s main speaker will be AAP Leader and AAP National Executive member, Prof Yogendra Yadav. Efforts to the ensure presence of maximum number of volunteers are currently being carried on across Chandigarh and several new persons have expressed their desire to actively volunteer with Aam Admi Party, for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and thereafter.

He also stated that given the huge upsurge in people apply for AAP membership, a “Main Bhi Hoon Aam Admi” campaign will be launched today in Delhi, under which party membership will be allowed for free to anyone who signs up to be a member between January 10 to January 26 i.e Republic Day. It was also stated that even as of date, there are nearly ten thousand members who have registered from Chandigarh itself.

The press was also informed that AAP volunteers across the City have reported massive enthusiasm and support for AAP amongst all sections of the society.

It was informed that Prof Yogendra Yadav, the main speaker at the Convention, had worked at the Punjab University, Chandigarh from 1985 to 1994, and had toured over 12 districts of Haryana in the last one month and had addressed massive gatherings of volunteers everywhere. In continuance of this, Prof Yadav will be addressing volunteers in Chandigarh as well, inorder to interact with them and also wants to share the importance, lessons and learning of the Delhi elections and brainstorm ways of replicating the AAP phenomena across the country. He also wants to bring home the point that AAP is not a substitute, but an alternative, which engages in alternative politics, not seen in mainstream politics since the JP movement.

It was informed that apart from addressing the Volunteer Convention, Prof Yadav in the course of his stay in Chandigarh would also be interacting with volunteers of Party who are working hard with party since long and groups and representatives from across Punjab and Haryana, who have been wanting to meet him as AAP leader.

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