letter written by IOA Vice President Tarlochan Singh to IOC President



Dear Mr.Jacques Rogge

Hon’ble President
International Olympic Committee
I am Vice President of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) & Former Member of Parliament. We have received two letters from your office regarding the elections of IOA. I may inform you that no one in India can challenge the authority of judiciary. Even the Govt. has to obey the Directives issued by the High Court & the Supreme Court. Even sometimes the Bills passed by the Parliament are challenged in the Court. Having faith in the Law of the land the IOA obeyed the order of the High Court regarding the procedure of the election of IOA. A high power commission of two judges headed by Retd. Chief Election Commissioner of India was appointed for this purpose. On 5th Nov. the Commission issued the election procedure where they mentioned that they will follow the Govt. Code. The papers were filed accordingly for various posts & the last date was 16th Nov. No one in India raised any objection to the Commission’s order. The IOC member in India Mr.Randhir Singh himself filed the nomination for a Post which clearly shows that he fully believed in the procedure adopted which is as per the Sports Code of Govt. It was his duty to follow IOC Directives & he should not have filed the nomination & should have raised objection & could have also boycotted the election. Because of  your first letter the Chairman of the Commission resigned as he thought this is an undue intervention when the election process is on. I have explained all these facts for your considerations. IOA has no role to play when High Court has issued the Directive & the Election Commission has issued notice & have already received nominations for each post. I may further inform you that some persons approached the Chief Justice High Court of Delhi on 8th Nov. to point out some discrepancies in the procedure. The High Court issued orders that no one can interfere when election process had started.You may please help the IOA to complete the process of election keeping in view the above facts.
With Regards
Your Sincerely
Tarlochan Singh
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