For disconnecting mobile number +91-95698-29290


To                                                                                            Date: 07.02.2013


The Branch Manager

Reliance, Chandigarh


Subject: For disconnecting mobile number +91-95698-29290



It is to inform you that I have been cheated and impersonated by someone as the aforesaid mobile no. has been got issued by furnishing my ID’s illegally and in a highly unauthorized manner, even my signatures on these ID’s have also been forged.. I have sound apprehension that the aforesaid number is being used illegally and I may be put to unwanted and uncalled for trouble. A separate complaint against the unauthorized user is likely to be preferred by me


You are therefore requested to disconnect the aforesaid number with an immediate effect as the same has been obtained by fraud.


                                                                  Yours Sincerely


                                                                  Ravi Kumar

                                                                  # 934/C, Sector 43-A



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