Walkathon by Department of endocrinology, PGIMER Chandigarh

Department of endocrinology, PGIMER Chandigarh; RSSDI chapter of Chandigarh and Punjab; ADITI (Association of Diabetes in Tricity) jointly organized Walkathon today for public, athletes and patients of Diabetes at Shukna lake, Chandigarh at 8.30 am. The theme of the program was “Secure the Future” and objective of conducting this program was to spread the awareness about diabetes, to prevent diabetes amongst those who does not have it and to prevent the complications of diabetes.

It was interesting to note that around 600-700 people from the tricity participated in this walkathon, including young kids as small as 6-8 years upto elder people as old as 85 years. The walk started from Sukhna Lake to Rock garden and back to Sukhna Lake. The event was inaugurated by Mr. VRV Singh (Indian Cricketer) and Mrs. Kamal Thakur Singh (Badminton player, Arjun Awardee).

Post walkathon, the gathering was addressed by Dr. Anil Bhansali (HOD, Endocrinology Department PGIMER Chandigarh) and Dr. Sanjay Bhadada (Asso. Prof. Endocrinology, Department PGIMER Chandigarh). Dr. Bhansali threw light on the burden of diabetes in India, particularly Chandigarh.  Dr Bhadada spoke about the role of life style modification which includes daily exercise and proper diet in prevention and delaying the onset of diabetes.

During this event Mr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Vigyan Arora shared their experience with people and young diabetics. Mr. Singh has diabetes of more than 50 years duration and Mr. Arora has diabetes of more than 35 years. They shared their experiences and concluded that you can win diabetes if you have good knowledge of the disease and regular follow ups with your doctor. They were highly thankful to the Department of Endocrinology, PGIMER Chandigarh for providing them the right treatment and timely support towards managing their disease.

There was a prize distribution ceremony for the painting competition which was held on 17th November by the Department of Endocrinology, PGIMER for young kids suffering from Type 1 diabetes. There were around 50 participants for this painting competition in which the best three paintings were given a prize of glucometer. There were two needy patients, to whom also the glucometer was given. The program was followed by the Diet counseling and blood glucose testing.   Around 300 people got blood glucose checked and around 400 people took advice on diet by the expert team of dieticians from PGIMER, Chandigarh.

During this event light snacks were served. Dr. Bhadada thanked the people who actively participated and supported the event. This event was supported by the Department of Physical education of Govt Collage for Boy’s, the Department of Social study of Punjab University and the Post Graduate Collage for Girls Sector 42.

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