PGI staff Suresh Gakhar, Supervisor X-Rays died of mental torture and humiliation


PGI MTA to lodge FIR / criminal complaint against PGI Authorities

Chandigarh 22nd September,      The sudden and untimely death of Sh. Suresh Gakhar, Supervisor (X-rays) had sent shock waves amongst PGI Staff. The untimely and sudden death of Sh Suresh Gakhar is a live example of “ADMINISTRATIVE MURDER”.

PGI MTA had earlier taken up complaint of her wife Dr Gurdeep Kaur of mental torture, harassment and humiliation of Sh Suresh Gakhar by Administration. On 11.3.2017, Dr. Gurdeep Kaur, who is also working as Technical Assistant at PGI, has lodged the complaint of mental torture, harassment and humiliation of her husband by Department. On 16.2.2017, he was mentally tortured and humiliated by Officers in their room. He was threatened with dire consequences.

On 1.5.2017, the MTA sent copy of complaint to Sh. J P Nadda, Union Health Minister with copy to Hon’ble Sh. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India for necessary action.

PGI MTA will now lodge a criminal complaint / FIR against Dr. N.K. Khandelwal, Dr. S C Bansal, and Dr. Yogesh Chawla, former Director, who are responsible for forcing designated Technical Supervisor working under his juniors and for supporting illegal and unconstitutional extension of one Lecturer against Legal Advice and lingering the issue by not convening meeting of Governing Body after Court Orders. Earlier, the services of Lecturer were terminated on 31.5.2017 after complaint by PGI MTA. Hon’ble Court granted stay for lack of jurisdiction and authority of Director to pass termination orders. The case was to be placed before Governing Body, which is competent authority.

Both husband and wife were directly affected and were under extreme mental tension. On 20.9.2017, the case was fixed before Court and both were under extreme tension to know the outcome. Ultimately, Sh Suresh Gakhar, Technical Supervisor has succumbed to anarchy at PGIMER, Chandigarh and died in wee hours today after severe cardiac arrest.

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