Patient care allowance raised from Rs. 700 to Rs. 1750

Chandigarh 18th December; The PGI Employees Union and PGI Medical Technologists Association congratulates all its members and other health workers on acceptance of their longstanding demand to continue and double the patient care allowance, which was being replaced with Insurance Scheme on the recommendations of 6th CPC. The Central Government has issued the orders for doubling the exiting amount of Rs. 700 of PCA to Rs. 1400 w.e.f. 1.9.2008 and further to raise it by 25% as and when the DA crosses 50%.
I would like to congratulate and thank Sh. Ram Kishan of All India Health Employees and Workers Confederation, New Delhi who had launched the nationwide protests and strikes since 2009 in support of PCA. The PGI Employees Union and PGI MTA have been part of it. In January, 2009, a national level march by health workers and employees was organized at Jantar Mantar and PGI employees also participated in it.
Sh. Ram Kishan was arrested in February, 2009 under ESMA during the Indefinite Strike while I was observing Indefinite Hunger Fast at Chandigarh, which continued for 120 hours. The PGI Employees observed one day strike in February, 2009.
Finally, the major part of demand has been settled. The HPC / PCA has not been stopped as wrongly recommended by 6th CPC. Further, it has been doubled to Rs. 1400 with further provision to increase it by 25% a and when the DA crosses 50%, which will make it Rs. 1750 per month..
The Central Government has also agreed to double it w.e.f. 1.9.2088 from which date all allowances were doubled by the 6th CPC.
The next phase of demand for grant of PCA to all categories irrespective of classification and raising it to Rs. 3200, as paid to Nurses as Nursing Allowance, will be started.



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