Revised anti-rape law name will be Nirbhaya Damini Bill

Delhi :  A day after Union Min Shashi Tharoor favoured naming the revised anti-rape law after Delhi gang-rape victim, her family members on Wednesday said they have no objection to it and the move would be an honour to the girl.

The family members of the 23-year-old girl said that “if her name is made public for this purpose, we have no objection to it”.Talking to PTI, the father and brother of the girl said “if the government names the revised anti-rape law after her, we have no objection and it would be an honour to her”.

Tharoor had on Tuesday favoured making public the identity of the gang-rape victim wondering what interest was served by keeping her name under wraps. Tharoor, the Minister of State for Human Resources Development, had also said the revised anti-rape legislation should be named after the victim if her parents agree.

“Unless her parents object, she should be honoured & the revised anti-rape law named after her. She was a human being w/a name, not just a symbol,” Tharoor said.

On reports of Telugu filmmaker Ramana Gaddam planning to make changes in his upcoming film to highlight the brutal gang-rape, the girl’s brother said before doing so he should meet them and give information about the storyline.

He said the director would have to clarify what he wants to portray in the movie.

Asked about the financial assistance of Rs. 20 lakh announced by the Uttar Pradesh government and assistance of Rs. 15 lakh and job announced by Delhi government, the brother said though announcements have been made, they are yet to receive the assistance.

However, the girl’s father said he was satisfied with the announcements made by the government.The family members termed as misleading reports in the media that the girl was about to get married.

On a question regarding police charge sheet in the case, the brother said they do not want to comment on the issue and only want justice.In Delhi, Congress MP Abhishek Singhvi suggested that the road or lane in Delhi where the dastardly incident took place should be named as “Nirbhaya Damini marg”.

Singhvi, who is a jurist, said that naming the proposed Act as “Nirbhaya Damini Bill” would be an apposite move which would “rightly preserve” the anonymity of the victim while being a permanent symbolic reminder for the future.


  1. This act is usefull to only politisions becouse of fake cases…
    In my openion this is useless act…
    If any one want to really save the women,then give seviour penissionment to rapiest….
    In any contry max 50% only innocent women,remaining all r know.
    Remaining womans using this act in selfish nature….
    Pls don’t bring any new acts…
    Canclled the present acts…
    Make a right enquiry ,take right decition to punish….
    Who make any mistak then hang them ….
    If we did like this way with in one month crime rate will be decrese.


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