Aim of the young generation should be to re-establish the glory of ancient India : Mukul Kanitkar

The Technofest-2018 of GMCH, Sector 32, Chandigarh begin with the seminar on “Let us awaken the Nation” by Mukul Kanitkar. The students of allied health sciences has decided that this year the Technofest -2018 theme will be based on our social responsibility and duty for the nation.

          Sh Mukul Kanitkar, a well known social activists and organizing secretary of NGO named “Research for Resurgence forum” was the main speaker. The vision of RFRF is that Bharat as a Strong Contributor to Global Research & Development in Every Field Bringing Well being of Human and Protection of the Environment & mission is “Global Level Advanced Research Center for varied fields as Platform for Scientific Community of the World and Traditional Researcher”.

The seminar started with lighting of lamp and recital of Vandematram. Prof. B.S Chavan, Director Principal, while giving welcome address said that the students of GMCH, Sector -32 are fortunate that they got a chance to meet & listen the experiences of Sh. Mukul Kanitkar Ji. Sh Prof. Arjun Dass, Professor Incharge Academics, Prof. Kanchan Kapoor, Chairperson of cultural committee; Prof Suman Kochhar attended this event. The event was followed by lamp lightening ceremony as a tribute to Goddess Saraswati and further followed by National Song.

          In his address Sh Mukul Kanitkar motivated the students & said that the aim of young generation should be to re-establish the glory of ancient India. He said that the doctors and students working in this hospital are lucky to serve the mankind and their role is very important. He said in today’s life we recognize the peoples for what they have, though people should be remembered for what they have given to the society. He mentioned that one should take dreams by keeping their eyes open and work hard to achieve them. He suggested to the students that they should keep on writing their ideas on day to day basis and compile them for documentation so that it can be useful for others and it will also develop their personality.

          He said our education system is responsible for today’s problems what we are facing whether it is for rights on river, feuds on the basis of Caste, language, religion. He said present education system teaches us to differentiate rather than finding similarities.

          He said that knowledge can be achieved from the practical experience rather than theoretical teaching.

                   Prof. B.S.Chavan & Prof. Arjun Dass facilitated Sh. Mukul Kanitkar Ji by giving Memento & shawl. The seminar ended with National anthem.


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