Do you know why Mukesh Pandey , IAS committed suicide at Ghaziabad?

Mukesh Pandey , IAS

Mukesh Pandey , IASIn a sad incident, on Thursday Buxar district magistrate IAS officer Mukesh Pandey committed suicide near Ghaziabad Railway station. He was only 29.

In a recorded video, he mentioned his marital problems and the fights between his wife and his parents. This stress must have taken a toll on him. He has a 3 month old daughter.

“My parents and wife have constant tussle. Their tussle has made my life difficult. They love me a lot but excess of everything is bad,” he said in the five-minute long video.

We are organising a Candle Light March at Jantar Mantar (New Delhi) at 5:30pm on Sunday, 13, August, 2017 to condole death of DM MUkesh Pandey.

We wish he had called SIFF or any other men’s support group. At least, he could have shared his problems with a friend and through him he could have approached us. He could have called us anonymously or joined our Whatsapp groups.

Though Government does not provide any helplines for distressed men, every year more than 15,000 men reach out to men’s support groups and they are counselled by volunteers.

Almost 50% of young men who approach men’s support groups have contemplated suicide to due marital problems or problems in managing conflicts between parents and wife.

Every year, about 22000 men are committing suicide due to family reasons though many psychologists tend to dismiss this and claim that more men commit suicide due to poverty or economic reasons. This has reduced focus on suicide prevention for men.

In cases like Mukesh Pandey, the social expectation is, the men must control his emotions by being brave. No man takes decision to commit suicide without careful thought. There is a denial of emotional pain of men in our society. We believe men do not feel the pain, when they are face marital problems or are dragged to conflict between parents and wife.

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