Warmth of festivity

Memory bank

Smiriti Kalra 

As children, early in the morning we used to collect wood for the bonfire and make popcorns. There are so many memories I cherish. I am shooting on Lohri, but it’s my brother’s first Lohri after getting married and so we will celebrate it in a very grand way.

Fun time: Himmanshoo Malhotraa 

I am planning to go to Ludhiana and celebrate there along with my Punjabi cousins. There is no comparison of the way Lohri is celebrated in Punjab. I have beautiful childhood memories of the festival; relishing all the delicacies and having loads of fun.

Family ties: Gunjan Utreja 

I am visiting Chandigarh on Lohri and all my cousins as well as friends are getting together to be a part of the celebrations. Lohri is all about dancing and bonfire all night long. There is no better way to celebrate Lohri than with your close friends and family. My mom will be cooking wonderful Punjabi food and my sister will bake some mouth-watering desserts.

Being together: Jasmin Bhasin 

On Lohri, my family members and relatives gather around the bonfire. We all sing traditional songs and have our food together. This is how I have grown up celebrating Lohri with my family. I grew up in a joint family, so we are like 20 to 25 family members celebrating Lohri together. I have special memories of the festival. 

News Courtesy : TOI,Tribune