Mumbai ; Adolescence – an age of both disorientation and discovery. Remember how fearless, confused, exhilarated, love struck, hopeful, elated, curious, nervous we felt at that age?  Even after decades, can we ever forget those first giddy-headed, confused times when we thought that we were in love with someone, and conquering the world seemed well within our reach?  To transport you back in time and give you a taste of your wonder years, Zee TV brings to you a colorful tale of two girls who are diametrically different from each other. Premiered on 21st May at 7 30 pm, Garnier Light presents Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke is a story about two 16- year- olds, Gunjan and Rachna.

Gunjan is a smart, suave 16- year- old girl who lives in Mumbai and shares a wonderful relationship with her mother Sneha. As fate would have it, Gunjan’s life falls apart when her mother passes away and her father sends her to her maasi’s (mother’s sister) place in Varanasi so that she’s well taken care of. Gunjan moves to Varanasi to stay with her maasi, Shail (enacted by Vaishnavi Mcdonald) and here, begins the story of Gunjan and Rachna.

The wonder years are our teenage years where we make mistakes and learn from it as it is the threshold of what we become eventually in life.  ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke’ is a story of two young girls who are like chalk and cheese! Gunjan is pampered and speaks her mind. She has lived in a close knit, nuclear family whereas Rachna is a shy and reticent girl living in a joint family and is very dependent on her mom, Shail. The story talks of love, everlasting friendship, the joys of sharing & caring, the fights and the making-up between sisters who form a unique, close bond which completes them as individuals. The show explores both the teenager’s and Shails’s journey in this crucial phase. How will Gunjan cope moving to Varanasi after her mother’s death? Will she be able to adjust in Shail’s middle class household? Will Shail be a responsible parent to both girls? The story tries to encapsulate all these fine nuances of life beautifully and give the audience a taste of their growing up years.

Said the Fiction Head of Zee TV, Mr. Sukesh Motwani,“Sapne Suhane Ladakpan ke is all about celebrating adolescence. The teenage years mark the real beginning of a person’s blossoming youth and the events that occur in one’s life in this period leave permanent imprints affecting his/her personality.  The teenage years are when one faces their first crushes, loves, despair of love, mistakes, joys of friendship, togetherness, heartbreaks, emotional turmoil, rebellious feelings etc. The show is full of hope, aspirations, wish, longing, desire and yearning. The idea was to enrich the lives of the viewers through an endearing content which will remind them of their carefree wonder years.” 

Introducing two fresh faces – Rupal Tyagi (Gunjan) and Mahima Makwana (Rachna) – who will endear audiences with their youthful charm and effervescence. While the vivacious Rupal has been a part of the Zee family earlier in the show, ‘Hamari Betiyon ka Vivaah’ and also acted in ‘Dill Mill Gaye’, Mahima also has a Zee show ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ and others like ‘Preeto’, and ‘Mile Jab Hum Tum’ to her credit. The other actors who have been roped in pivotal roles are veteran actor Vaishnavi Mcdonald as Shail (Rachna’s mother and Gunjan’s maasi). Shakti Singh will play the character of Dayaal (Rachna’s father). Model/ actor Diwakar Pundir will play the character of Akash (Gunjan’s father) whereas Mansi Salve will play the character of Sneha (Gunjan’s mother). The show is being produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms, who have hit shows like ‘Banoo Main Teri Dulhann’ and ‘Na Aana Iss Desh Laado’ to their credit.


“We’ve made the show look youthful and appealing,” said the producer, Neelima Bajpai, “We have given Gunjan a very youthful and trendy look. She’s a typical big city girl who is in tune with the latest trends in clothes, accessories and wears all modern attires, junk jewellery like toe rings, funky neck pieces, stylish bangles, carries chic bags & has a huge collection of shoes. She is the epitome of modern & liberated urban girl who is uninhibited in her styling & lives life on her own terms. Since Rachna comes from a conservative family in Varanasi with a strict father. She wears ill fitting clothes, wears an old HMT watch, oils and braids her hair and has only one pair of slippers and would pass off in a crowd as any other ordinary girl. It was very important to show the contrast between the two girls, both by their looks & nature. Even when it came to their homes in Mumbai & Varanasi, we used bright colours for the girl’s rooms. Gunjan’s room is more hip & chic while Rachna’s room is simple yet pretty. We have used shades of pink & purples in the rooms of the girls to give it a very youthful feel. Along with hip, chic room for Gunjan, there’s trendy props & curtains whereas it’s simple & colourful for Rachna.”


Said an exuberant Rupal Tyagi, “I’m loving every moment shooting for ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakpan ke’. The character of Gunjan is so like me. Like Gunjan, I’m also a typical Mumbaiyaa girl who lives life on her own terms and is full of life. I’m so lucky and fortunate that Zee TV has selected me as one of the lead protagonist in the show.” Echoing the same thought, says Mahima, “Though I have done shows in the past, I feel this show is going to be my launch pad. It’s an honour to be associated with Zee TV as I love watching all Zee TV shows like, DID, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Hitler Didi and Mrs. Kaushik ki Paanch Bahuein. We had fun shooting for the show in Varanasi and Rupal has already become a good friend. I’m sure that the viewers will like our love-hate relationship.”


Rupal Tyagi as Gunjan

Gunjan – 16 years

Gunjan is a smart and suave 17 year old girl born and brought up in Mumbai. She has a wonderful relationship with her mother, Sneha.  Gunjan has been raised in an uninhibited environment which makes her a free spirited teenager who takes her own decisions. Gunjan’s life takes a drastic turn when she has to shift base to Varanasi, post her mother’s untimely demise. If becomes difficult for her to adjust to the joint family system after staying in a nuclear family all her life. Initially she finds her simpleton cousin, Rachna, difficult to gel with but slowly they develop an endearing bond as the story progresses. The two cousins will complement each other by learning from the other’s strengths. While Gunjan will teach Rachna to spread her arms open and enjoy life to the fullest, Rachna will teach her patience and foresightedness.


Mahima Makwana as Rachna

Mahima Makwana as Rachna

Rachna is a simpleton who has spent all her life in the small town of Varanasi. Her appearance has no iota of modernity and it seems the changing times has no influence on her. The long hair, ponytailed girl clad in loose fitting salwar kameez with no make-up on her eyes has been brought up in a very traditional and conservative environment. He father has laid strict rules and regulations for her which has never made her question anything in life. She might be simple at heart but is quite headstrong otherwise. She is the apple of her mother’s eye. The difference in upbringing, values and attitude between Gunjan and her becomes quite apparent when they start living together. Her encounter with her free spirited cousin opens up the window into a world that she has neither lived nor wants to experience. Rachna will learn to have more fun in life from Gunjan and in return will teach her not to be very impulsive in life.


Vaishnavi McDonald as Shail

Vaishnavi McDonald as Shail

Shail is graceful lady whose beauty radiates even at forty years of age. She is soft spoken and a woman of few words who communicates more with her silence than words. She always keeps a check on her emotions and never emotes in public. She is reticent even with her husband but shares a very warm relationship with her daughters. Shail is aware of the fact that her husband is conscious of his average looks; hence she makes sure she underplays her beauty rather than displaying it. Adaptability is one her virtues which helps her to maintain cordial ties with the entire family. Shail has let her personal interests take a back seat in order to raise her daughters.


Dayal – Late 50s

Dayal is the typical patriarch of a middle class family residing in a small town. He runs a garment shop and lives with his two brothers and their family under one roof. Dayal is conscious of his average looks which triggers every time he crosses path with his wife, Shail who is extremely good looking. He shares an indifferent relationship with Shail because he feels that Shail compromised with her life by marrying him and not a handsome, intelligent and successful businessman like her sister, Sneha. He loves his family, cares for them too but is not very expressive with his feelings. His apprehension that his daughters will take him for granted holds him back from showering his affection on them.



Mansi Salve as Sneha

Mansi Salve as Sneha

Sneha- 42 years

Sneha is Gunjan’s doting mother & Shail’s younger sister. The first thing that one notices about Sneha is her positive attitude and her lively approach towards life. She is full of life; enjoys every living moment to the fullest. Sneha has lived life without regrets.She is aware of the fact that she has been diagnosed with cancer and has not much time left but this does not deter her from celebrating her birthday with her daughter’s friends. Sneha does not want to die lamenting about her illness, instead wants to embrace death happily as a part of life.


Aakash- Late 40’s

Sneha’s husband and Gunjan’s father, Aakash is a man with a suave and formidable personality. He is an NRI who is settled in Australia with a flourishing business of his own.Gunjan was born in Australia and spent her early years there but Sneha, her mother wanted Gunjan to adapt herself to the Indian culture and hence got her to India when she was seven years old. When Sneha and Gunjan decided to come back to India and settle down, Akash decided to stay back and take care of his business. After his wife’s demise he leaves Gunjan under her aunt Shail’s custody. His actions may be misunderstood but his motives are always noble.

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