Parikshit Sahni: The New Age Tech-Savvy Daddy

If you thought being updated on the latest gadgets and gizmos was a prerogative of the young, edgy and urban, actor Parikshit Sahni proves that age is no bar when it comes to keeping pace with the latest technology! The senior actor who plays the role of Gyaneshwar, an elderly gentleman on Zee TV’s Aaj Ki Housewife Hai…Sab Janti Hai, makes it a point to keep abreast of the latest developments in the tech world and ensures that he buys the latest gadgets and downloads the latest apps.

Sources from the set say that the actor is one of the biggest technology freaks around! While waiting for scenes to be set up or in between takes for his show, Parikshit can be found busy on one of his many hand-held devices – be it his iPad, iPhone or iPad Mini.

“Be it games or the latest app to hit the app market, Parikshit ji is the one person who would have tried and tested it out within the first few days of their launch. In fact I often go to him for advice on the best apps to use for whatever I need. Not only does Parikshit ji help me out with getting the best apps available but he also shows me ways in which to make the best use of the app,” says Anirudh Dave who plays the hero of the show. It looks like Parikshit Sahni can put all the young breed of actors to shame with his impressive knowledge of technology! The actor is equally popular for being a thorough professional, very warm, humble and grounded.

Watch him in action on-screen as Gyaneshwar on Zee TV’s Aaj Ki Housewife Hai…Sab Janti Hai every Monday to Friday at 7 PM only on Zee TV.


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