Ram Kadam make Guiness Book of World Record

candle at Ghatkopar, Mumbai
candle at Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Mumbai : The MNS leader Ram Kadam has achieved to  the Guiness Book of World Record by attempting most candles lit simultaneously at a single venue. Around 30,000 peoples gathered  to lit the candle at Ghatkopar, Mumbai, on 22 October 2012. Bollywood singer Kailash kher came forward to support the record breaking event. And The people were seen grooming on the song of Kailash Kher ”.  Dev Anand dreams girl Devshi Khanduri was present at the event she said, “I can’t forgot this memorable day and this is first time I seen around 30 thousand people gather at one place ”. Each participant .

By creating this record the MNS leader Ram kadam said . I am happy that the ghatkopar people participanted  in the candle. record  to promote a message of “JIVE DAYA” at the time of Navratri, “Navratri is a time of god and I want to make the memorial day of my life by creating Guinness book of world record.  .

Bollywood most famous comedian Rajpal Yadav was present at the event he was seen encouraging the moral of every  participant he said, “It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a great moment which is going to create the name of india in the world map ”. Leading actor of Bollywood Karanveer Bohra was seen at the event he said, “I was absolutely blank after seeing the crowd achieving the record and their  excitement of everybody was incredible”.

Previous Guinness Record of most candles lit simultaneously at a single venue is 2,959 and was achieved in 14 September 2011 by Kab Elias, in Lebanon and now finally it is India on the world map

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