Kareena enthralls winners of the Limca contest in Chandigarh

19th November, 2012, Chandigarh: Coca-Cola India’s popular lime flavored soft drink brand – Limca, yet again brought in a wave of freshness into the lives of Limca lovers, giving them a unique opportunity to meet Leading Bollywood Actor andLimca Brand Ambassador,Kareena Kapoor in Chandigarh. It was an exciting afternoon as the ecstatic winners of the Limca ‘Meet and Greet with Kareena’ promotion got a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and interact with their favorite Bollywood star.The actor interacted with the winners in Chandigarh, answering their queries and spending time with them.
Limca had launched the exciting ‘Meet and Greet with Kareena’ promotion in all states/union territories/regions of India (with the exception of the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala), in September, 2012 for a span of 30 days. To participate in the promotion, all interested participants had to SMS ‘LIMCA’ to 530305 from any GSM or CDMA mobile phone connection. All validated winners as part of the promotion then won the unique opportunity to meet their favorite star Kareena Kapoor.

Congratulating the winners and speaking about the initiative, Mr Rajneet Kohli, Director – Franchise Operations ( Punjab & Haryana), Coca-Cola India, said, “At Coca-Cola it is our endeavor to create experiences for our consumers that surprise and delight them. The Limca-‘Meet and Greet with Kareena’ promotion was designed solely to provide our consumerswith a refreshing break,providing them the perfect opportunityto experience the zest of the brand. What has really made this initiative even more exciting and memorable for Limca loyalists, is the exciting chance to get close and personal withKareena. We are delighted with the response we received for this initiative and I congratulate all the winners of the contest.”
Speaking about the initiative, Limca brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor said, “My association with brand Limca is perfect, considering we both believe in the credo of ‘PyaasBadhao’ and pursuing our goals with a true go getter spirit. And now, through this exciting ‘Meet & Greet’ initiative, Limca went a step further by giving all my loyal fans the perfect platform to grab the opportunity to meet me. What is even more exciting for me is that, this initiative, in turn gave me the chance to meet my fans who have actually aspired for more, pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and made the extra effort to win this chance to meet me. I really enjoyed the time I spent with my ‘REAL’ life heroes”.
Excited at meeting Kareena, one of the winners said, “Meeting Kareena Kapoor was like a wonderful dream come true. I would like to thank Limca for giving me such a great opportunity to meet my favourite star. It was an experience which I won’t ever forget.”

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2 thoughts on “Kareena enthralls winners of the Limca contest in Chandigarh

  • November 20, 2012 at 01:39 pm

    Its a very big and delightful experience which i can never forget in my life to see my favorite star.My heartily thanks to limca to gave me that opportunity…..

  • November 19, 2012 at 08:58 pm

    Kareena you are looking MOTI.



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