BipashaBasu spoke at YehHaiMeriKahani

BipashaBasu spoke at length on her journey in the film industry on UTV STARS’ YehHaiMeriKahani. Right from the days of yore to the present day Bipasha, she spoke about it all!

BipashaBasu signed the movie ‘Aakhri Mughal’, which was also supposed to be Abhishek Bachchan’s launch movie only out of fear of Jaya Bachchan and JP Dutta. It so happened that Jaya Bachchan had approached Bipasha to star in the movie opposite her son and Bipasha just couldn’t refuse. She confessed on the show that she was extremely scared of both Jayaji and JP Dutta and just could not refuse them. However, as fate had it, the movie got shelved and never saw the light of the day. She also mentioned that she is extremely thankful to her make up man Mojo, who very skillfully covered up a serious eye allergy and ensured there were no hurdles on her way to winning the title of Ford Models! In fact, Bipasha yet keeps in touch with him and persists that she would never have gone on to win the title if not for him. Even the organizers had advised her to back out of the competition. The sultry actress also mentioned a very amusing incident as part of her exciting journey in the industry. While shooting for a film recently abroad, at Rio De Janeiro, the locals over there, mistook her for a local resident and even started speaking to her in Portuguese. Poor Bips was completely lost!


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