Ten-day Dandiya Festival kicks off at Chandigarh Haat

Dandiya Festival
Dandiya Festival

Chandigarh, October 05, 2012 : Ten days Dandiya festival today kicks  off amidst lots of fanfare at Chandigarh Haat situated at Exhibition Ground, Sector 34, Chandigarh.  Bhavnagar based Dandiyadance troop “Aum Shiv Sanstha” lead by Heena Patel performed a scintillating show at Chandigarh Haat. This 22 troop has performed over 1100 shows across the India and overseas. The troop is under the affiliation of West Zone Culture Centre, Udaipur and performed in their over 800 shows.

The troop is conducting Dandiya event eleventh consecutive succession in the city.  Chandigarh will have the cultural night featuring Dandiya on daily basis from 6 pm to 11 pm.

According to Shiv Patel, Troop Cordinator, Aum Shiv Sanstha, “It is a privillage for us to perform in front of culture loving people of Chandigarh. We know, Chandigarhians respect art and culture and this is the reason why we are here for tenth time. Craze for Dandiya is in this part of world also inspires us to visit here. We expect people would add more spark to the festivity of Navratras by visiting to the Dandiya festival.”

Dandiya festival will continue till October 13, 2013. The troop not only performs dandiya but also impart the basics lessons of this folk dance.

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