Teachers of Aided Colleges are Waiting for Salaries for Nine Months

PCCTU is compelled by the circumstances to adopt the path of agitations and decided to hold mass protest rally on August 22 . Because of the functioning of the Dept of Higher Education on snail pace PCCTU is fed up with it. The first quarterly grant which should be distributed in the month of April has not reached yet despite the rs 200 crores has been sanctioned in annual budget by the Punjab Govt. Even in the previous session only two quarters of Rs 43 crores each were disbursed and the third quarter was disbursed only to half of the 136 aided colleges of Punjab which resulted into around two thousands teachers are waiting their salaries for the last nine months and around thousands are waiting for the last twelve months.

We have humbly requested the Govt for number of times that quarterly grant should be sanctioned in the beginning of the first month of every quarter and final adjustments should be made in the last quarter. We fail to understand the reasons of undue delay despite the required 95% grants were sanctioned in the beginning of the financial year.

The cases of Career Advancement Scheme are lying pending in DPI colleges for many months because of ambiguity regarding UGC notification. The Higher Education Department of Union Territory Chandigarh has also kept pending the cases of CAS for a long time. Despite, the UGC notification of September 2009 para 10th, clearly states that until and unless the respective state Govts do not notified the new CAS (Career Advancement Scheme) the old CAS will continue. Neither the Punjab Govt nor UT Administration has notified the new CAS yet. Even then the cases of CAS are lying pending in the departments of Higher Education. Under such circumstances the Union is compelled to adopt the path of agitations. The PCCTU is going to hold two hour stay in strike on August 8 and 13. All the teachers and constituent units of PCCTU will observe mass casual leave and hold a mass protest dharna in front of DPI Colleges (PSEB Mohali) Mohali on August 22, 2013.

The other pending demands  like Amendment in the Service Security Act of 1974, Creation of Posts of Professors in aided Colleges in tune with Govt. Colleges, arrears of pay revision of teachers working against un-aided posts, relaxation of Refresher Courses/Orientation Courses at par with Govt colleges , speed up the case of arrears of DPEs/ Librarians which are lying pending from 1/1/96, similarities in granting Ph D increments with counter part Govt colleges, initiation of dialogue on Pension scheme.


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