Students Dazzle the stage and win hearts at Manav Mangal SMART SCHOOL

Mohali : Razzmatazz’12 the cultural show of classes 3rd and 4th enthralled the audience with stunning performances. The show began with the Schools Annual Report through a Power Point Presentation followed by a Prayer Dance ‘Shiv Roop’ which left the audience mesmerized. ‘ Pied Piper’ the story which teaches us the value of keeping our promises was beautifully enacted as a musical. The importance of education in the masses and the exploitation of the uneducated was highlighted through a dance and drama performed skillfully by the students.
‘Save the tiger’ a wonderful message of doing our bit to save the one thousand four hundred and eleven tigers left in India was appreciated by all. ‘Say No to Dowry’ another social issue which needs a special mention to sensitize people was presented in an amazing manner. ‘Never Give up’ the inspiring story of Helen Keller the first blind graduate was enacted skillfully and won accolades.  Bhangra a favourite among the audience was appreciated by the audience. Fusion a dance that transported the audience into the black and white era was an innovative performance.  ‘Des Rangila’ a beautiful dance performance was also appreciated for its accurate formation and co-ordianted steps.
The Director of the school Mr. Sanjay Sardana in his interaction with the press stated that in class shows where the school ensures 100% participation of the students is the need of the hour which gives the platform to the children to grow in confidence and widen their perceptive towards life in general at this nacent stage and prepare them for the future. The parents without whose support and encouragement these kind of events are not possible were delighted with the items and the performances of their children and appreciated the efforts of the teachers.


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