SECRET of success of COE Pune

SECRET of success of COE Pune is as under:

1.       COE Pune has complete Academic, Administrative, Financial and Managerial AUTONOMY.

2.       COE Pune has power to increase and retain tuition fees

3.       COE Pune director has power to spend upto 20 lakhs, HOD upto 50 thousand.

4.       COE Pune has 193 faculty members, 31 are professors. Over this there are 21 adjunct professors and 9 professor emeritus. 89 faculty members have Ph.D.

5.       COE Pune gets Rs 18.01 crores annually from government.

6.       COE Pune has autonomy to start new courses and award degree certificates.

7.       COE Pune has INFLUENTIAL Board of Governors. Padma Bhushan F C Kohli (first CEO of TCS) is the chairman of BOG.

8.       BOG has members from reputed industry, Director IIT Mumbai etc.

9.       Sharing of Responsibilities by each Board member.

10.   BOG creates academic, technical, clerical and other posts and makes appointments on these posts.

A team of Panjab University teachers had visited College of Engineering Pune  on 8th january 2013. This college has been thorougly transformed. This college has been thoroughly transformed and is  producing engineers at par with IITs. Some quick facts about COE Pune after getting autonomy in 2003-04.:
1.     No of students pursuing Ph.D = 163
2.     More than 50 students awarded PhD during last 3 years
3.     All UG and 17 of the 18 eligible PG programs accredited by NBA
4.     COEP considered for DAAD faculty -student exchange program
5.     Research grant after autonomy:Rs1278.02 Lakhs
6.     COEP’s  FABLAB in association with MIT, USA
7.     2 Guinness books of world records in skipping and painting.
8.     Ranked 16th in India by India today, 21st by Outlook and 14th by DNA etc.
9.     92% students got placed in 2011.
10.     Consultancy 3 crores, R&D projects 5 crores.
11.     17 Faculty were deputed to undergo courses in IITB for one full semester
12.     18 Faculty deputed to IITs/IISc for qualification upgradation under QIP.
13.     On line live interactive classes from IIT B in 19 courses.
Director of the college Prof Sahasrabudhe gave one presentation to the PU
team which visited College of Engineering Pune (presentation is
attached). Prof Sahasrabudhe gave this presentation again when he visited
PU on 29th and 30th jan 2013.
Presentation is made available at.


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