Prof S P Khullar elected as President of the Indian Science Congress

Prof S P Khullar former Head and Chairman Botany Department of Botany. Panjab University, Chandigarh,  unanimously elected as President of the section of Plant Sciences for 2013-2014 (101st Session of the Indian Science Congress). This is after almost four decades that a Professor of the Department of Botany, Panjab University has been elected President ( Section Plant Sciences) unanimously in the first attempt.

Prof Khullar is also an elected Council Member of the International Association of Pteridologists (the first person from India to be a member of this International Association.
It may be recalled that in 2010 the Executive Council and the General Body of THE INDIAN FERN SOCIETY (estd. 1983) an International Organization of Pteridologists at its meeting held at Palampur (H.P.) unanimously decided to confer the LIFE TIME ACHEIVEMENT AWARD for the year 2010 on Prof. S P Khullar.

He has also been given the Prof P N Mehra award By the Prof P N Mehra Foundation.
Prof Khullar is an elected fellow of:
(i) The National Academy of Sciences, India (Allahabad) F.N.A.Sc.
(ii) The Indian Botanical Society—F.B.S.
(iii)The Indian Fern Society—F.I.F.S.
(i)  Dryopteris khullarii  by C.R. Fraser-Jenkins
(ii) Asplenium khullarii by Rasbach & Reichstein ex Fraser-Jenkins
(iii) Lepisorous khullarii by Shing & Pande
(iv) Pteris x khullarii Pangtey, Samant & Verma
He is also a Recipient of:
(i) The First “Gold Medal in Pteridology) 1989
(ii)The “Birbal Sahni Centenary Award”2002 (by the Birbal Savtri Sahni
Foundation, Lucknow.
Research Interests: Prof. Khullar has been mainly working on the Cytology, Morphology, Systematics, Floristics and Taxonomy of Pteridophytes and Angiosperms.
Prof. Khullar has been working on the taxonomy, cytology, floristics and morphology of ferns (a group of non-flowering plants) for over three decades. He has made extensive collections of ferns from various regions of India, including the West Himalaya (from Kashmir to Kumaun), Sikkim, Darjeeling, Manipur and South India (Nilgiri hills). He has published several papers on fern taxonomy and other aspects of ferns. He is thoroughly conversant with the taxonomy and fern flora of India. Due to his knowledge of ferns, most Indian workers (including people from the Botanical Survey of India) get their specimens identified from him.
Prof Khullar has published Four Books including his magnum opus “An Illustrated Fern Flora of the West Himalaya” in two Volumes. This work has received International recognition and is widely quoted in Fern Literature and Researches. At present Prof Khullar is busy compiling “A Coloured Illustrated Pteridophyte Flora of Himachal Pradesh” (nearing completion) and “An Account of Pteridophyta” mainly to cater to Students in India.
Currently Prof S P Khullar is the Secretary-Treasurer Indian Fern Society and Coeditor of the Indian Fern Journal.


  1. congratulations and hope it will be better for india and sure u will give something new

    dept. of physics college, darbhanga , bihar

  2. Respected Prof. SPK S.sir,

    Congratulations. With your able guidance, We expect a separate Session for Computer Science & Applications from 101st Indian Science Congress.
    Dr.V.THIAGARASU, Syndicate Member,
    Bharathiar University, Coimbatore-46.

  3. Prof S P Khullar , Congratulation , i am sure you will help India to grow in science through this platform.


    Pradeep Tewari


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