Peace Volunteers Training at SD College Concluded

Chandigarh, March 2; Today, a two day long peace training programme concluded at GGD SD College, Chandigarh, in which 20 youngsters were trained as peace volunteers by expert trainers from USA & Pakistan. The programme was jointly organized by Peace Club of the College and Yuvsatta-an NGO.

Giving an overview of initiative Dr. Pritam Rohilla, Director of Association for Communal Harmony in South Asia a US based organization promoting the spirit of nonviolence, shared that in this programme participants were trained to identify their inner potential, deal with all forms of bullying, stand in the fire of opposing views and feel whole as well as hold space for others to do the same. They also learn to transform fear and anger in oneself and among others into mutual trust and compassion. They were inspired to cultivate listening and dialogue to co-create a culture of peace in our families, workplace, organization and community.

Saeeda Diep, Director of Institute for Peace & Secular Studies, Lahore Pakistan emphasized that 30,000 children could have classrooms for the price of only one military tank and one jet fighter costs as much as 40,000 village pharmacies. And despite the poor economic and social sector development, the spending levels on defense are very high, particularly in India and Pakistan, who together spend over USD 12 billion a year on defense. So, if our Governments allow people of both countries to meet each other frequently, the myths and misconceptions about each other will disappear and people can live in peace & harmony in South Asia.

“The information presented is thought-provoking and brings a sense of inner-healing to enable you to make a difference in your outer-world”, added Vinni & Kritika, both students of SD College who participated in the programme.

Dr. Bhushan Kumar Sharma, Principal of the GGD SD College asked students to follow the path of Budha of right living, thinking and action. Sk Setia, Jt. Secretary, Chandigarh Administration was the Chief Guest of the day and he asked youngsters to follow the gandhian path of service, forgiveness & truth to remain happy and peaceful in life.

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