Revisiting Indian Philosophy’ inaugurated at Panjab University by Naad Pargaas

Chandigarh, December 27 : Four-day 8th Annual Conference on ‘Revisiting Indian Philosophy’ was inaugurated here at ICSSR Hall, Panjab University, Chandigarh. This Conference is being organized by Naad Pargaas.

Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Punjabi University Patiala presided over the inaugural session while Prof. Himat Singh from Punjabi University delivered the key-note address. Dr. Deepak Manmohan, Director, World Punjabi Centre, Punjabi University, Patiala was the the chief guest. Dr. R.D. Nirakari, Former Head and Professor, Philosophy Department, Punjabi University, Patiala and Smt. Prem Kaur were also honoured on this occasion.

Dr. Jaspal Singh while delivering his presidential remarks commended the efforts of Naad Pargaas for bringing knowledge at centre in this age of information. While differentiating between the knowledge and information he emphasized on the supremacy of knowledge and considered information as to be only a starting point in the ultimate journey of enlightenment, to which only knowledge can lead . He appreciated Naad Pargaas in turning the youth of todays Punjab toward the ways of knowledge and ultimate wisdom. He further assured the support of Punjabi University, Patiala to Naad Pargaas of their future endeavors.

In his key- note address, Prof. Himat Singh said that the todays science is experimenting the methodologies which were estabshed by Guru Nanak some 500 years back under the cosmic experience of Sabda. In the present age where the human mind is going for away from the philosophical insights of Sabda, the organization of such a conference based on Indian Philosophy is highly commendable.

Dr. Deepak Manmohan Singh, Dr. Nirakari, Smt. Prem Kaur appreciated the theme of this Conference which will open the door for youth to under stand the layers of philosophy.

Earlier, Dr. Manjinder Singh welcomed the dignitaries and the delegates. Prof. Sukhwinder Singh conduct the state and outlined the future plans of Naad Pargaas. Dr. Jaswinder Singh present vote of thanks.

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