Mukat Public School, Rajpura celebrates annual day

CHANDIGARH, DECEMBER 4, 2012: The 2-day annual day’s celebrations were celebrated at Mukat Public School , Rajpura. The spectacular and vibrant cultural bonaza which concluded today , was dedicated every year to the founder President and MD of  Mukat Group of Companies, S. Rajinder Singh Ahluwalia . Col. Partha Sarthi Ganguli, National Head (Admin.) CMC Ltd. and Mrs. Madhumita Ganguli, Executive Director, HDFC Ltd. were Chief Guests during the function. More than 900 students of the school participated with great enthusiasm.

After the welcome of Chief Guests and management members by school Principal Mrs. Gayatri Kaushal, the function started with the lighting of lamp. The highlights of annual achievements were presented by the head boy and head girl.  The inaugural day has a theme Bharat Darshan, which was a wakeup call for all the Indians, dive into the past to recall the struggle and sacrifices made for freedom. Choreographies Dharti and Mangal Pandey were heart touching portrayals of freedom struggle.

The dance performance amalgamation of India was presented that showed different dancing styles of different states. The folk dances of various states were also performed to show unity in diversity of India.  The ambience, decoration, theme and the anchors were all soaked with the feeling of patriotism. The closing ceremony was a show stopper in which the selected performers of all the dances performed together. The Durga Puja & vegetable dance were specially appreciated. The chief guests while addressing the audience appreciated the efforts of school management, principal, students, staff and choreographers in presenting unique colourful shows.

During occasion, the 5th Volume of school magazine “New Horizon” was also released. The celebration concluded with a vote of thanks & gratitude to all by Brig. M.P. Singh, Director MPS.

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